Who were 'Arcade'?

Back in the heady days of 1991 the rock band (Arcade) was formed by the following musicians: Stephen Piercy, ex-vocalist of Ratt; Frankie Wilsex, ex-guitarist of Sea Hags; Fred Coury, ex-drummer of Cinderella and guitarist Johnny Angel. Originally the group was to be known as Taboo, but Arcade was the popular decision. In 1993 they joined Bon Jovi on tour, and played in front of more than 15,000 rock lovers at the Milwaukee Metal Festival.

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They released a number of albums and their first one, which contained 12 tracks, was quite noticeable for the cover! Tastefully designed, the main feature was the no doubt beautiful face of a popular porn star called Mimi Miyagi! Somewhat more tasteful as their second album released in 1994 with Audie Bauw in the producers chair; a notable track on this much heavier release was one entitled Kidnapped, which was written for a girl called Polly Klass who, in 1993, had been kidnapped and murdered.

A third album came along in 2000 entitled Live and Unreleased; although this contained a few songs which had not been recorded before, the rest of the tracks had already appeared on the first album; the difference was that this time they have been recorded in front of a live audience. Prior to this of course the band had already broken up, Piercy going on to a new venture with a new band called Vertex and a few years later in 2006 he proposed reconstituting Arcade and releasing a DVD and CD, with a tour planned in 2006 but these plans came to nothing and he finally went back to his original group, Ratt.

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